Dear Contestant of Win A Cruise Sweepstakes,

You have won! Now that you the suspense is over with, soon you will
receive your tickets in the mail for the maiden voyage of the ship
Pinnacle. The crew cannot wait to have you aboard their ship. Bring
whatever you like, whether it be a book or something more…exotic.
The Pinnacle will be able to service your every desire be it gambling
near the pool decks, swimming in one of it’s many floating bars, or
just playing some shuffle board with the other passengers. We look
forward to seeing on [Date of Arrival] also sad to see you go on [end
of cruise]. Extra tickets have been sent to those who mentioned close
friends or family joining them. So bring your sea legs and a taste for
the exotic, one could say it is almost to die for. Until we see you
safe travels.

Stephen Forthington, Owner of The Pinncle
Lawrence Romero, Ship Captain

Living Among The Dead

Walking dead set pict2 Ailise Korenth